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How do I print an image

There are 2 choices

How come I can't see the movies

There are some images which are actually movies. They are in AVI format. In order to view them, it is likely that you have to download directX from

What does "show all images" do

If you click this button, then when you view a page, all the images will be shown in a large format. You can go back to thumbnails by clicking "show as thumbnails".

How come the images for the categories are not my favourite ones

The image chosen is ALWAYS the image that has been viewed the most! So, it Is the most favoured one! If you like a different image, you need to look at it more often! This means that we don't (normally) control which image is shown, and the image may change.

I like the pictures so much, I'd like them on by desktop

Theres the easy way, and the hard way.

The easy way, right click on the picture you like, and select use image as desktop background... it's that easy.

The hard way... well, you could consider using a program such a winwall and set it's Internet URL to http:/YOUR URL/photos?sample=1. Please don't set the update to more than once every 5 minutes!
You'll get a new photo on your desktop. The selection is random, though there is weight given to popular photos (see above), and recent photos.

Thats cool, but what if I want a slideshow, or a screensaver?
Well, winwall might work for you, but it didn't for me. However, V Camshowdoes seem to work well. You can download a version HERE that is pre-configured to work.

I'm on broadband, how come it's so slow?

Because we are cheap skates, and only pay for a limited bandwidth. You could send money to us, we might use it to make the bandwidth higher!